The Aerocowl energy efficient chimney cowl works by smoothing out the fluctuations of pressure in the flue. Downdraughts which blow dirt and dangerous fumes into your room and choke the fire can be completely eliminated and the excessive fuel burning due to overdraw can be substantially reduced. And having no moving parts the Aerocowl chimney cowl creates no noise, maintenance or jamming.



The aerofoil section on the Aerocowl chimney cowl between the upper vanes deflects wind from any direction to the horizontal - even if it is blowing vertically downwards. Wind entering between the lower vanes is accelerated by the narrowing space or venturi. The combined effect is to convert all winds to the laminar, horizontal flow across the chimney opening. The bleed system below the lowest vane compensates for wind speed by allowing more air to be drawn in underneath the aerocowl chimney cowl rather than up the flue.

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Aerocowl Chimney Cowl Energy Efficient Flue Stabilisers


AEROCOWL is a trademark of Environmental Hygiene Products Ltd (EHP)